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May 2012:

Took a slight detour whilst staying with friends in Hackney to see another of the worlds tallest buildings. This time 'Stadhaus' in Murray Grove. The building has been assembled using a unique structural system pioneered by KLH of Austria. Nine floors of cross laminated solid timber panels form a cellular structure of timber load bearing walls, including all stair and lift cores. With timber floor slabs, it is the tallest pure timber building in the world.

'Stadhaus' Hackney

April 2012:

Finally achieved a long held ambition to learn how to construct traditional green oak framed buildings. Working with 8 others at the Woodland Enterprise Centre we built an oak framed building in 5 days, using traditional joinery techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. I have built plenty of timber framed buildings but have never used this ancient technique with green oak. Save a bit of grunt, hand tools and a plumb bob are all that is required. Marvellous!

March 2012:

Scenic carpentry is often fast and furious and being given 5 hours to make a lorry cab from a pile of plywood and 2x1 for 10 'O' Clock Live on channel 4 is definitely up there. Have also been up at Elstree Studios constructing a game for 'A League Of Their Own' shown on Sky 1HD

February 2012:

Mostly cabinet making in the workshop. Except when fitting......


January 2012:

Not exactly the month for roofing but managed to find a weather window to strip a customers roof, lay new felt and retile. Have also been milling timber I felled in the winter of 2008. Including ash, oak, walnut and beech. Will now be staring at it wondering what to make with it.

December 22nd 2011:

Just back from Dubai where I have been building part of the new Airbus A380 in a film studio. Didn't see much other than hotel, studio, hotel, studio etc, but did get to see the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa which I couldn't fit all of in my camera frame!